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Non Government Organisations

UK Sourced and Grown

The Woodland Trust is encouraging forest nurseries to register interest in a voluntary scheme which assures the provenance of native trees.

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Non Government Organisations

Royal Society of Biology – Plant Health Register

Plant health skills and creating opportunities for a wider community of trained plant health professionals

Resource Arboricultural
Non Government Organisations

Arboricultural Association - Application of Biosecurity in Arboriculture

Best practice guidance for Arborists working in any role in arboriculture and environmental sectors.

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Non Government Organisations

Royal Horticultural Society – New pest and disease risks

Information on some of the most serious risks from new pests not established in the UK but which are of particular concern.

Resource IPPC

International Plant Protection Convention

An international treaty that aims to secure coordinated, effective action to prevent and to control the introduction and spread of pests of plants and plant products.

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UK Government

UK Plant Health Risk Register

An online register that records and rates risks to UK crops, trees, gardens and ecosystems from plant pests and pathogens.

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UK Government

Plant biosecurity strategy for Great Britain

Overview of the activity that Defra and the devolved administrations are undertaking to improve plant biosecurity.