E-learning modules

Plant Passporting eLearning module

4th February 2022

The purpose of the Plant Passport system is to make sure that plants being moved within Great Britain are healthy and traceable.

This Plant Passporting e-learning module will help professional operators who wish to become authorised, or who are already authorised to issue Plant Passports, to maintain compliance with this system, helping to protect industry and the wider environment from harmful plant pests and diseases.

What is the purpose of this e-Learning Module?

  • From 1 January 2021 Great Britain stopped using the EU plant passport system and transitioned to an internal UK plant passport system, which regulates the movements of plants within Great Britain.
  • To make it easier to comply with the system Defra have introduced this e-Learning module which provides consistent guidance on key aspects of the plant passport regime.
  • This is part of Defra's longer-term aim to help operators learn about their obligations under the plant passport system in a way that is accessible and consistent.

Who is this available to?

  • The module is aimed at those operators who are authorised, or who wish to become authorised, to issue plant passports and is designed to be relevant to many sectors, by covering core tenets of the plant passport system.
  • The module should help operators provide training to personnel who are responsible for issuing plant passports.

How do I access the module?

  • The module can be found via this Registration Page..
  • Simply register on the system, progress through the module, and take as much time as you need. There will be an assessment of 20 questions at the end of the module, and you must gain an 80% mark to pass.
  • Upon successful completion and passing of the module you will get a certificate which can be presented to inspectors to show you understand the plant passport regime.
  • Plant Health & Seeds Inspectors will still have a responsibility to ensure you are complying by, for example, checking your traceability records.

This training build was supported by the Horticultural Trades Association and CPL Learning.