About Plant Healthy

Plant Healthy

Is a concept that brings people and information together to help protect plants within the amenity horticultural sector and the plant life that underpins our natural ecosystems.

Plant Healthy has been developed in the face of the increasing threat from plant pests. It aims to empower people who rely on plants for their livelihoods as well as people who enjoy the plants that grow in our gardens, cities and countryside.

Plant health management standard

Central to Plant Healthy is the plant health management standard. The standard is a document that has been developed by industry, with input from government and third sector organisations. It sets out key requirements for plant health management and relates to a range of horticultural businesses and organisations. These include: commercial nurseries, plant retailers, landscape management businesses, and public gardens.
Click here to download the plant health management standard

Plant Healthy website

This website promotes the standard to people who work with and grow plants. A self assessment tool is provided that is free to use. It contains information that aims to help people across the sector understand how to handle plant material responsibly and safely. This is with a view to stopping the spread of damaging plant pests and ensuring that the plants we buy and grow thrive.

Plant health assurance scheme

The development of the standard is the first step towards developing an independent plant health assurance scheme for the amenity horticultural sector. Once the scheme is launched it will enable businesses and organisations to be independently audited as a means of formally demonstrating that they comply with the standard. The ultimate aim is for a plant health assurance scheme to be adopted across the amenity horticulture supply chain and provide a recognised mark to enable people to procure and grow plants with confidence.

Working together

Tackling the threats to our biosecurity is a huge task. For protective measures to be effective it requires many people and organisations to work together to reduce the risk of plant pests. It will require national and international communication and cooperation. Plant Healthy aims to align with statutory measures and other initiatives to improve plant health and protect nature.