Plant Health Alliance

The Plant Health Alliance is a cross-sectoral group of organisations spanning ornamental horticulture, forestry and general land management, it includes trade associations, environmental NGOs and government agencies.

The purpose of the Alliance is to promote and enhance plant health and biosecurity measures to protect plant species and associated ecosystems (natural capital) in the United Kingdom and beyond.

In early 2019, to achieve this purpose, the Alliance published the Plant Health Management Standard which set out the technical requirements for the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme. The Alliance are the Governing Body of the Scheme.

The work of the Alliance

Through a Steering Group the work of the Alliance includes -

  • duties of the Governing Body of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme
  • aiming to align the Standard with regulatory frameworks
  • providing technical advice to develop the Standard
  • development of plant health and biosecurity training materials
  • seeking for the Scheme to fit, where appropriate, with related schemes
  • activities to promote requirements of the Standard to industry and the general public

The formation of the Alliance was proposed as a result of a plant health conference at Highgrove in February 2018.

Plant Health Alliance Steering Group - Terms of Reference

The Plant Health Alliance Steering Group (organisations)