Putting biosecurity at the heart of horticulture

This website supports horticulturalists, arborists and foresters adopt the Plant Health Management Standard and become Plant Healthy certified

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The Standard helps protect horticultural businesses, gardens, forests and ecosystems against destructive plant pests and diseases

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Plant Healthy supports horticulturalists, arborists and foresters adopt the principles of the voluntary Plant Health Management Standard


Start by creating an account and self-assess your business, organisation or garden against the requirements of the Standard


To help protect horticultural businesses, forests, gardens and natural habitats from destructive plant pests and diseases

Self Assessment

Once you have created an account, complete a short set of questions that are based on the requirements of the Standard.

Guidance is provided which is aimed to help businesses understand threats, fulfil their statutory obligations and improve general plant health management practices.

A self-assessment score and a report is provided to help businesses take the first steps towards certification. Please feel free to request a call back to ask about the certification process.

Self-assessment is free to use & easy to do

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Full Compliance

Apply for membership to the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme.

Once successfully audited, your business or organisation will become a certified member of the Scheme for the period of one year.

Certification means your business meets the requirements of the Standard. Most requirements are voluntary, demonstrating that your business takes a highly responsible approach to plant health and biosecurity.

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