Ornamental Horticulture Assurance Scheme (OHAS)

OHAS Grower Standard and Plant Healthy scheme alignment - FAQs

4th December 2020

Please see the link to a set of frequently asked questions about the alignment of the OHAS Grower Standard and Plant Healthy Certification Scheme.

OHAS has three standards that set best practice for the growing and packing of flowers, plants and bulbs, and the manufacture of growing media. Find out more at the following link: Ornamental Horticulture Assurance Scheme

The Plant Healthy Certification Scheme Manager and the OHAS Scheme Manager are currently working to align OHAS Grower Standard audits with Plant Healthy Certification Scheme (PHCS) audits should an OHAS member wish to also become Plant Healthy Certified.

Read a Frequently Asked Questions document on OHAS and PHCS alignment:

Visit: https://planthealthy.org.uk/assets/images/OHAS-_PHCS_-FAQ-_Feb21.pdf